Lice Treatment

Removal Process

Our device blows heated air through its applicator tip
along the scalp and hair shafts at a higher flow (but
cooler temperature) than a hair dryer.


Head Checks just $15

What to Expect

Three easy steps to Lice Free!

Below are our four easy breezy steps to

a more clean and healthier hair.

Step 1

Our device kills lice and their eggs by
dehydration. During the 30-40 minute
treatment our trained technician will gently
place the device’s applicator tip under the hair
and against the head, moving its position
every 30 seconds until the entire head has
been treated.

Step 2

Dead lice and dead eggs will be in hair; we use
a non-toxic enzyme to loosen eggs (nits), and
do a full comb out.

Step 3

All treated clients leave with Eliminate in their
hair. It’s non-toxic and kills lice on contact;
protecting our clients from anything on their
clothes, in their car, or while cleaning.

2 Convenient Locations

South Tampa

4308 W El Prado Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33629




2340 SR 580 - Unit P

Clearwater, FL 33763