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We are your exclusive local provider of our
revolutionary technology that dehydrates lice and
nits (eggs) in one session!* Get rid of lice in one
session. Period.


Head Checks just $15

Tampa Clinic

Our Story

Our 14 year old daughter came home from sleepaway away camp not knowing that she had lice. She knew it had been going around, but she wasn’t itchy and never saw any bugs.  Once home I smothered her in hugs. Later that day my head got itchy, but thought ‘August in Florida, the mosquitos are really starving.’

A few days later our daughter said the L word and full panic ensued. Sitting on the floor of the pharmacy I cried while trying to figure out which product to get. Dr. Google said that lice were getting immune to the pesticide treatments, so they no longer worked. Of course, I bought them all anyway and doused my daughter (an unwilling participant) and myself with these poisons. My itching didn’t go away, and I could still see the nits in her hair.

Our pediatrician called in the Rx; they didn’t work.  We used every lice service within 100 miles, they all came to our home and covered us in olive oil (insert sad face emoji) and combed our hairs.  They charged us travel fees and for every minute they were at our home. After I paid them (over $400 each time) they turned around and said, ‘You should keep this nit comb, and comb yourself and your daughter everyday with olive oil for the next three to four weeks.’  So basically, I paid them to tell me to oil and comb each of us every day. When I called about their guarantee they said I must have done something wrong. Yes I did, I trusted them.

Months of otc, Rx, zapping nit combs, more nit pickers, and gallons of olive oil my daughter and I had no relationship left. Five months into this nightmare, my mother-in-law called from Jacksonville saying that she found a place that kills the bugs and nits in one session. We all piled into the car and drove there immediately. I didn’t know anything about the treatment, but honestly, they could have shaved our heads and I would have agreed.

Driving home we had guck in our hair and plastic shower caps keeping it all in place. With all that dripping in my hair I was, miraculously, not itchy. The next day, not itchy. I waited the 30 days of the guarantee and then called the company to say that we needed this in Tampa. I could not be the only miserable parent in Tampa.

We opened Lice Away Today in July 2014 and have successfully treated thousands of our neighbors for lice. People come to us from Gainesville, Spring Hill, Lakeland, Sarasota…They call desperate, crying, just like I did. And they leave lice free, and educated on how to not get reinfested.

A few years ago we opened another clinic on the edge of Clearwater and Dunedin to make our service more convenient for our northern families.

The Lice Away Today Promise

The Lice Away

Today Promise


Re-Treatment Policy

We back our treatment with a 30-
day re-treatment policy and when
you leave our clinic you will be free of
lice! If they happen to find their way
back in your life, we will retreat for
FREE for 30 DAYS!


Our process and products are 100%
non-toxic and do not include
pesticides of any kind, so you can rest
assured your family will never be
exposed to harsh chemicals in our


Our technology is backed by
scientific research and evidence. As a
science-based lice removal company,
we are deeply committed to keeping
up with the latest research in our

Trained & Certified

All of our caring and compassionate
clinicians have been trained and
certified to use our device. This
device kills lice and over 99% of lice
eggs using warm, diffused air.

2 Convenient Locations

South Tampa

4308 W El Prado Blvd.

Tampa, FL 33629




2340 SR 580 - Unit P

Clearwater, FL 33763