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Our Services

Our dedicated team of experts specializes in
identifying, treating, and preventing lice infestations,
utilizing effective methods tailored to your needs.
Our comprehensive services aim to bring you relief,
peace of mind, and a lice-free environment.


Head Checks just $15

Head Checks

Head Lice are notoriously difficult to diagnose. The nits
(eggs) camouflage in hair, and when the hair is moved
the bugs run and hide. People can be symptom-free for
weeks before getting itchy.

Head checks are just $15, if you are positive we make
sure that you see the evidence we find. If we treat you
the head check fee is waived.

Our Lice Treatment


Head lice and lice eggs (nits) have high water content
and are accustomed to living in a protected, humid

Our FDA cleared medical device delivers dry, heated air,
to dehydrate all lice and their eggs in one session. Most
people enjoy the treatment, some even fall asleep.


Diagnosing and treating an infestation are invaluable.
But we don’t stop there. We make sure everyone in
your party knows the truth about lice and how and why
it spreads so easily.

We love our clients, but don’t ever want to see them

Product Education

Some clients want to treat their families on their own.
We sell all of the products that we use and are happy to
teach you how to use them.

  • Eliminate
  • Nit Release
  • Terminator Comb
  • Prevent

Payment Options

We accept Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), Health
Savings Accounts (HSA), AppleCash, Zelle, Credit, Debit
and Cash.

Many insurance plans reimburse their members for part
or all of our treatments. Everything you need to submit
for reimbursement is included on every receipt.

We offer a 10% discount on services to active and retired
military families.

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