Back-to-School Head Lice Prevention Checklist

Back-to-school is a busy time for parents and students. The weeks prior to school are filled with shopping for clothes, backpacks and school supplies as well as last-minute trips to squeeze every bit out of the summer. Parents often worry about how their children will like their teacher and whether they’ll get along with the other students.

Lice Away TodayTM  owner Michelle Cherry, says, “We see a surge in cases of head lice when kids return to school” and recommends some proven practices that can prevent and treat cases of head lice. Her clinics offer everything families need to stay lice-free now, and all year round with products and services for every situation and every budget.

Screen Early and Often

The best way to prevent head lice is for all children to be screened regularly. Lice and their nits are difficult to identify by the untrained eye.  Cherry says, “We recommend professional head lice checks, especially when kids return home from summer camp and then head back-to-school.” Lice screenings are just $15 and can save you a ton of money and time.

An Ounce of Prevention

Lice Away TodayTM sells their candy cane smelling Prevent spray; kids love it, lice hate it!  It’s non-toxic and should be sprayed on all kids every day before going to school or playdates.

Have Hair Pulled Back

The best way to prevent the spread of lice is keeping hair up and your head away from others’ heads.. “Lice crawl from one head to another, if the hair is tied up in a bun there will be less hair to hair contact,” says Cherry.

Sharing Items Like Brushes

While lice are much more likely to be spread by head-to-head contact than brushes, it’s good practice to let your children know that while we teach them to share most things, brushes shouldn’t be one of them.


We all take them, even us adults. But when taking selfies, we’re putting our head right next to our friends’ heads.  This close contact is a perfect environment for the exchange of lice. Let your teen know it’s okay to take selfies but it’s best to keep a little distance.

If you do get lice

Best-laid plans of prevention can be laid to waste by a bug who is literally designed to spread from human to human. If your child does have head lice, Lice Away TodayTM offers the safest, fastest, and most effective treatment available.  Their medical technology dehydrates live lice and their eggs (nits) in a single treatment using carefully applied heated air. This “one and done” treatment takes about an hour, doesn’t require any follow-ups and is guaranteed to be effective.

It’s common for families to struggle with head lice for weeks or months using traditional over the counter lice treatments, traditional combing, and services that leave you combing for three weeks. Lice Away TodayTM guarantees that people leave their clinics lice-free and can provide tools to help them remain lice-free throughout the year.

Lice Away TodayTM, your local clinics, are located in South Tampa and Clearwater/Dunedin.  They are open seven days a week by appointment. Call 813-410-4860, email [email protected] or visit for more information or to schedule an appointment.